Baby’s First Christmas Bibs

Baby’s First Christmas Bibs

Christmas Bibs

As a cheaper alternative to a full Christmas outfit how about Baby’s First Christmas Bib. A Christmas Bib on little bubba can brighten up the most busiest of Christmas days and have a great multifunction purpose of dressing up a plain outfit and catching those drops of baby food.

You can decide if you want one that goes on with a tie neck, a velcro or snapback neck or one that goes completely over the babies head. For older babies, you might consider the firmer silicon/plastic food catching bibs.

If you want to see where you can find a good selection click on any of the ones below. You have funny ones, personalized ones, multi-packs for those on a budget, versatile ones that can act as a bandana or neck scarf and just plain cute ones.

Christmas Cardigan Bib

Christmas Santa Bib

Christmas Reindeer Bib

Christmas Bandana Bib

6pc Christmas Bibs

Personalized Christmas Bib

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