Baby’s First Winter Coat

Baby’s First Winter Coat

Winter Coats

Now that winter is upon us with snow even in some of the Southern States if you haven’t already done so it’s time to buy baby’s first winter coat.

There is a wide choice of warm and fashionable coats to choose from such as the all in ones that make them look like mini snowmen, my favourite the duffle coat with the toggle buttons, the padded bomber jacket, the hooded parka or for areas not so cold the wonderful knitted cardigan.

When choosing baby’s first winter coat there are certain things you might want to consider such as easy snap buttons or a zip and Velcro because when it’s cold and your hands are starting to freeze you want to be able to close baby up in their warm snug coat as quickly as possible.

Do you want the coat to have a fur-lined hood or a detachable one, patterned or plain in colour. Remembering that we have baby all layered up plus the coat they usually end up looking like squidgy marshmallows but the key thing is to keep them nice and warm. But don’t forget to loosen the outer clothing once they are inside somewhere.

For your quick reference here are just a few that may attract you. Again double-check the reviews from other purchasers for quality and customer service when purchasing baby’s first winter coat.

Absolutely love this warm fleece baby carrier hoodie.

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