Baby’s First Winter Hats

Baby’s First Winter Hats

Winter Hats

Knitted Newborn Crown

The temperature is now a lot cooler in some parts and downright freezing in others and as they say we lose body heat a lot more quickly in cold temperatures if our heads are exposed to the wonderful wintery elements so how about getting baby’s first winter hat, a cute little winter crown for your cute little one.

As you know not all little babies have a thick main of flowing hair or a gorgeous halo of curly locks so we have to protect them during these cold winter months by finding the best and most fabulous warm crowns for our tiny princes and princesses that we can find.
babys first winter hat and mittens
I had two favourites for my little one and it was his mini Sherlock Holmes hat and his tiny fur-lined hunting hat. He looked absolutely adorable in his Paddington Bear style Duffle coat with toggle buttons to go with it if I do say so myself. There were the usual beanie hats and the summer caps but those two were my absolute favourites in the world of hats for babies.

As you view some of the selection of winter hats you may have a certain style in mind; a newspaper boy hat, an animal-themed hat the list is endless, some even come in a range of patterns and colours with mittens and or scarves which is a great way to combine savings.  Here are just a few for you to get some ideas from.

Now I’ve tried to select just a few to get you started that have high review ratings but make sure that you always check up on those reviews yourself for quality and reliability and delivery times before purchasing online.

How about this foxed themed one for an older sibling? Adorable right?

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