Baby’s First Christmas Plush Toy

Baby’s First Christmas Plush Toy

Christmas Plush Toy

It’s the Christmas Season and the tree is up and the house is all decorated waiting on all those lovely visitors. With a new baby at home you’re sure to be given a cuddly toy for the new baby, yes baby’s first Christmas plush toy and it won’t be the last. To avoid duplicate stuffed toys filling up your home that you will only end up giving away how about finding out what to look for when buying baby’s plush toy.

Now when buying a soft toy there are a couple of things that you need to consider when choosing. You can’t just go on looks. Firstly, it must be age appropriate. Your little one is at that drool on everything stage so if you plan on purchasing the plush toy in a physical store you have to make sure that there are no loose attachments on the toy, no small pieces and also not the kind of plush toy that sheds fur as soon as you touch it.Baby's First Christmas Soft Toy

If you plan to purchase a soft toy for baby online then carefully read the descriptions and check out the reviews from other purchasers. You’ll get invaluable information from them for you to make a great purchasing decision.

Another thing you might want to consider is whether you want a traditional stuffed toy for your little one to cuddle with or do you want an all singing and dancing cuddly toy. These days you can find ones that you can connect to a phone app, it’s really up to you.

But just a small caution if it’s interactive, lights up or talks and sings that’s great but just remember that that first Christmas plush toy will be singing even when Christmas is over. Can you handle it? 😉

Here are a selection of the squishiest, softest Christmas soft toys for your little Christmas pudding:

Baby Polar Bear

Baby Boy Penguin

Baby Girl Penguin


Cute Husky Puppy

Interactive Baby Rudolph

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