Baby’s First Christmas Trip

Baby’s First Christmas Trip

Baby Travel Items

You probably have been wondering why no updates from but hey, we’ve been preparing for Christmas! Now I’ve been checking out some great baby travel items that are truly awesome, versatile, user-friendly and stylish and are perfect for baby’s first Christmas trip this holiday season and beyond. One of them is this fantastic item that I came across and I’m gushing with excitement to tell you all about it I just wished they had this around when my son was younger! Oh, how my life would have been so much easier! This Doona baby car seat that converts into a pram/stroller is a time saver, money saver, it’s sturdy, practical and downright ingenious. Why oh why didn’t someone think of this before? Just watch the awesome video to see what I’m talking about.  Great right?

Considering everyone is in the countdown phase till Christmas, travel plans are definitely in the making and this stroller is the perfect purchase for you to transport your precious little cargo in. With the cold weather conditions, it’s great for a quick in and out of the car and being able to quickly convert into a stroller for a brisk walk to the store all without disturbing and waking the baby. The Doona baby car seat is airport friendly, car-friendly heck it’s travel-friendly! To be honest, it may seem a tad expensive but it comes in a range of colours, has easy snap-in fixture base, you carry around fewer bulky items and best of all it has all the required safety standards and features.

If you already have a car seat you might wish to get a car seat travel bag which you can take along like a backpack and still have your hands free to do other things before getting on a plane or train. There are many available either with a drawstring or zipper closure but they all fold up into a much smaller handy little bag.

For a road trip how about that useful classic the baby backseat mirror just to keep an eye on that cute smile. But there are so many other things out there at a variety of prices from low to high so go and take a look and if you order now they’ll get delivered before Christmas.

Now I have to admit I’m an old-fashioned kind of gal when it comes to feeding babies whether by breast or formula. I did the level scoop, add boiled warm water and shake but for the newer millennials how about the coffee machine-like Gerber BabyNes formula dispenser? Accurate, easy to use, formula available according to age range requirements and is linked to an app that records all the relevant information. 

As you can see when travelling with baby there are so many convenient, versatile and easy to use items that are labour saving, cost efficient and just plain useful. So if you are just visiting friends and family for the day or staying for the long Christmas weekend make it easy on yourself by getting a few practical travel items for baby’s first Christmas trip.

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